About Us

Dedicated to helping people

Riby is Nigeria’s foremost digital platform for cooperatives and trade groups. We help members of these groups access financial services like savings and loans through our platform.

Our aim is to help millions of Africans achieve better financial access and stability. Over the years, many low- and middle-income earners have used shared economic models like cooperatives and thrift savings to

enable them save, get loans, and pay for essential commodities like food, shelter and healthcare.

With the world becoming a digital space, it has become important that these shared economic models have tools to help them survive and create bigger impacts in the lives of everyone involved, and at Riby, that’s what we’re all about: helping people live financially better lives.

Livable income

We aim to ensure that everybody has enough money to take care of their day to day needs.

Lifetime of savings

We aim to ensure that everybody has the resources to save enough money to ensure a lifetime of wealth.

Own a home

We aim to ensure that everybody has the resources to have a place to call home.